Up, up and away

The team at Otis have been working around the clock to deliver our lift upgrade program. We’re pleased to announce that Stage 1 is complete and the Destination Control System (DCS) will be operational from Monday, 28 September.  

What you need to know:

  • Call the lift in the lobby, before you enter the lift. Some passengers will have to use their access card to call the lift
  • For efficiency, passengers are grouped with stops meaning fewer stops to reach your destination
  • No tailgating. Each passenger should call their own lift. Even if they are travelling to the same floor
  • COVID Safe to maintain social distancing, each lift has been temporarily programmed to allow 4 people travel in each lift
  • There are still buttons in the lift interiors. They are not operational and won’t provide access to floors.

Watch this short video to see what happened when Grovie took the new system on a test drive.


Still not quite sure? 3 simple steps will get you on your way:

  1. Enter your destination. The system will assign you the correct lift for your requested floor.  
  2. Receive your lift assignment. Your lift will be clearly marked with your assigned designation.
  3. Proceed to the assigned lift. Easy to read indicators confirm your floor destination.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. I use an access card to get to my floor. Where do I swipe my access card? Swipe your card on the touchpad to access the lift to your floor.
  2. What happens if I get into the wrong lift or change my mind once I’m in the lift? You should always check the display in the lift to verify that your destination floor is illuminated. If you change your mind once you’re in the lift, exit at the next stop and re-enter your destination.
  3. What if I get delayed in the lobby? Do I lose my lift assignment? The system allows for the time it takes to walk to the lift. However, if you are significantly delayed, you may lose your lift assignment. If this happens, simply re-enter your destination to receive another assignment.
  4. What if I forget my lift assignment? Re-enter your floor destination at the nearest touch screen to receive another assignment.
  5. How does the system work for people with a disability? The touch screen features a button for people with a disability. A voice control prompts user for information, provides lift assignments and direction, and announces floor destinations.
  6. Why does the system assign me to a lift when there is another lift at my floor with the doors open?  The lift waiting with the doors open may have already been assigned to another destination, while your lift is allocated to take you to your requested floor more quickly.