Commitment to Sustainability

Grosvenor Place’s smart design and the implementation of common-sense sustainable technologies work to deliver year-on-year energy and water reductions. With far-sighted environmental engineering woven into the fabric of Grosvenor Place, the building has been effectively designed with multiple advantages for minimising waste and conserving energy.

The co-owners of Grosvenor Place –  Arcadia and 151 Property have set themselves a challenge to outdo the building’s own excellent sustainability record and create a timeless contemporary icon in the Sydney commercial property market that honours Seidler’s original vision.

Grosvenor Place has:

  • 6.0 star NABERS Waste Rating
  • 5.0 star NABERS Energy Rating (6.0 star with greenpower)
  • 4.0 star NABERS Water Rating

“Just by running a building well means you are running it sustainably and therefore economically. There’s no silver bullet, but every decision we make has a sustainability aspect to it.”

– John Derrick, Executive Director, Grosvenor Place –