Switch and Save

Last year we received an overwhelming response from our tenants who took a pledge to reduce single-use cups. 2000 tenants received Grosvenor Place KeepCups and kicked start their No-More-Single-Use-Cups journey.

Everyone was set to honor our commitment at all times but we agree it’s easier said than done. How many of us forget to bring our reusable cups before heading downstairs for our usual coffee?

It is not easy to change our behavior but we are not alone on this journey. Two of our lovely retailers at Grosvenor Place have decided to stand by our pledge and reward everyone who helps to make Grosvenor Place greener, one cup at a time.

Black Label by Burger Project has officially registered with Responsible Cafes and

offer 50c discount to customers with reusable cups.



Grand Duk has taken the game to another level by

offering double loyalty stamp to customers with reusable cups.

If you are a high-tech advocator of a cashless society,

you can also purchase a Grand Duk Paywave Smartcup in store.


If you don’t have a reusable cup and not sure which one to get,

Broadsheet sent out their resident coffee-writer to test eight of the most popular brands in the market.

Read their view here.

Image Credit: Gareth Sobey, Broadsheet