So we’ve had our morning coffee hit and done the right thing by returning our used cup to the Simply Cups tube. Is that recycling, done and dusted?

Well, it’s actually just the beginning of a sustainability journey that begins and ends with us!

Next step, some of the 10,000 used coffee cups from Grosvenor Place are given a new life at Plastic Forests’ mega recycling and manufacturing facility at Albury NSW. Their innovative technology upcycles soft plastic waste from industry, households (from REDcycle), agriculture and even our morning coffee hit into sustainable recycled products.

But the story doesn’t end there. We all know that the plastics we use daily are causing major problems in our environment. That coffee cup or food wrapper may only be used for a few minutes, but it will last for hundreds of years. A sobering thought! For our lifestyle to be sustainable in a finite world, these recycled products need to find a new home. After all, recycling only works when someone buys a recycled product!

Our planet’s future lies in shifting to a regenerative circular economy where finite resources like plastic are re-used, recycled and kept at their highest value for as long as possible. The old ‘take-make-waste’ linear model just doesn’t make sense anymore.

At Grosvenor Place, we are thrilled to embrace this circular economy approach by repurchasing our used coffee cups as part of the 100% recycled wheel stops in our basement. So why not get involved and try your green thumb with a garden bed made from soft plastics and coffee cups that were once destined for landfill?

Plastic Forests is an award-winning Australian company which specialises in manufacturing sustainable products, made from difficult to recycle soft plastics. Their growing range of 100% recycled plastic products includes garden beds, garden edging, mini wheel stops (for your garage), garden stakes and fence posts.

And at the end of their life, the products can be recycled again to continue their circular journey!

Save 12% off all their products at plasticforests.com.au.  Simply enter the code ‘Gro12’ at checkout, until 30 April 2021.