Let There Be Light and All That Jazz

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Vivid Nights at the Grosvenor Place Piazza

– a festival of light, music and food which brought Vivid Sydney 2018 right to the heart of Grosvenor Place.

This year’s light show at the Grosvenor Place Piazza was produced by Iain Reed of innovative lighting and audio company, 32 Hundred Lighting

– a Guinness World Records™ winner in 2016 and 2017 for the World’s Largest Real-time Interactive Lighting Installation.

Every night during Vivid Sydney 2018, Grosvenor Place was dressed in vibrant colour to join the bridge and other Sydney skyscrapers

in the creation of Iain Reed’s Skylark artwork.

The Grosvenor Place Piazza was transformed in the art-meets-technology light show inspired by the Modern Art movement,

including artists from Frank Stella to Robert Klippel.

The works of these artists came to life as striking geometric shapes which slowly moved across the lobby and piazza.


Sydney Jazz Collective brought a stellar line up of musicians to indulge the crowd with melodies from genres

including New York Jazz, New Orleans Funk, Bossa Nova and Soul Music.

Tucked away from the busy city streets, the Grosvenor Place Piazza became a Vivid oasis for visitors to enjoy.

With a hot drink and delicious offerings from our retailers, combined with soothing jazzy tunes and a stunning light show,

guests revelled in the Grosvenor festivity.

We hope you all enjoyed your Vivid Nights

at the Grosvenor Place Piazza.

Thank you from all of us here at Grosvenor Place Management

and we look forward to seeing you soon.