The War on Waste

The War on Waste has come to Grosvenor Place.

We are fighting the good fight on food waste having installed Australia’s first office tower, indeed any high-rise tower, waste food recycling system with an enrich360 dehydrator. The machine, the size of a couple of combi vans in the basement, regurgitates the building community’s food scraps into fertiliser for compost that goes back to the farm for growing food – creating a proper circular economy routine for all those economists in the building to admire and get onboard with the movement.

Diverting food waste from landfill contributes to reducing the methane waste food emits so Grosvenor Place scores on many sustainability fronts with this new investment.

Food waste fertilizer is a superior way to stop soil degradation as it replaces the need to chemical fertilisers and produces more nutritious and tastier food.

To date, we have diverted more than 10 tonnes of waste from landfill. For forward thinking, the ultimate modernist and Grosvenor Place architect Harry Seidler would be proud.

If you would like to see the machine in action, speak to concierge who will be happy to arrange a tour.