Busk up on your classics

The Big Busk is coming to us. We are incredibly excited to be sponsors of the Sydney Youth Orchestra and we will be enjoying 3 hours of live performances, as part of The Big Busk program, in our lobby on Thursday October 10th.

Performances start from 10.30am with the Brahms orchestra and will conclude with the Sydney Youth Orchestra Quartet from 1pm to 2pm. Come and enjoy and help support this great program.

The Big Busk is Australia’s only public celebration of youth and Orchestral music and brings 600 musicians to Sydney for 10 hours of live performances in some of the city’s most iconic locations, including our place. All money raised from donations at the event will go towards helping young musicians fund new instruments and support musicians in rural areas. You can find more information here https://syo.com.au/events/the-big-busk-2019/.