Get behind the war on waste

The Grosvenor Place community deserve a greenstar for supporting our various environmental and waste efforts. From Keep Cups to Simply Cups, we have been doing our bit for the planet. Now we can do even more with the recent installation of a food dehydrator that helps minimise and recycle onsite organic waste.

Is your workplace getting behind this? Be the office champion and sign up for Organics Recycling and Simply Cups in your office.  There is no additional cleaning cost and you will be actively helping combat climate change. 


Each year billions of kilograms of food waste are sent to landfill around the globe, robbing the soil of precious nutrients which are then replaced with chemical fertilisers reducing the taste and nutrional value of the food we eat.

The Grosvenor Place food dehydrator transforms cooked and raw food left overs, including small bones, flowers and compostable serviettes into fertiliser which is returned to the farmers and then given back to the soil.

How does is work? 

  1. Once registered, our cleaning partners Ezko will deliver an organics recycling bin to your workplace.
  2. Place food scraps in the Organics Recycling Bin instead of the General Waste Bin.
  3. Like all other waste streams, the Organics Recycling Bin is emptied and cleaned nightly. 
  4. The food waste is transferred into the dehydrator and turned into fertiliser.
  5. The fertiliser is collected and sent to NSW Farmers.


At Grosvenor Place we have the Simply Cups coffee cup recycling scheme and have recycled almost 10,000 cups but we can do better.

Simply Cups divert millions of cups from landfill by collecting used single use cups and transforming them into items of higher value.

Fill out the form to get Organics Recycling and Simply Cups in your workplace.

Let’s make a difference together