Our buzzing new community

We’re buzzed to welcome a new community to Grosvenor Place – bees!  It’s our small step to save the bees by contributing to an urban ecosystem, repurpose unused space and produce our very own honey in the process.

Why are bees so important?

In case you haven’t heard, bees are incredible, resilient creatures. Without bees, the world really wouldn’t look the same as it does today. The existence of diverse ecological systems worldwide wouldn’t exist, and neither would our current food system.

When bees aren’t pollinating plants, we have a food supply crisis. About 90% of the world’s plants and 30% of the crops rely on bees for cross-pollination.

What type of bees are we having?

60,000 European bees. They are the only species to create enough honey for our needs.  

What about Native Bees?

Native Bees are very important for pollination but do not produce honey.  We have given our native bees a place to rest, nest and feed by building a Bee Hotel in the Piazza.

Next time you’re grabbing a coffee, see if you can spot it! 

Can I go see the bees?

Yes – guided beehive tours will be held regularly. Keep an eye on mygrosvenorplace.com.au for more details.

Why Grosvenor Place?

Much to people’s surprise, bees thrive on urban rooftops. Rooftops are up out of the way of people and get good amounts of sunlight and there is always a water source in the form of condensation from air conditioning units.

Bees can travel up to 10km so there’s lots of food for them around Grosvenor Place – Laing Park, Botanic Gardens, other rooftops…the list is endless!

Just think of all the plants you pass on your daily commute – a smorgasbord for the humble honey bee