2020 is time for sustainable living

We have been taking sustainability seriously for a long time, but it feels like 2020 is the time for everyone to boast about doing better by the environment. We thought we would share a few great tips to incorporate some eco-friendly habits into your everyday routine.

Did you know you can recycle soft plastic? If it scrunches in your hand it can go into the soft plastics recycling bins at supermarkets. They turn this stuff into school desks and build roads – that’s a pretty good exchange of something you usually use once.

Better still ditch the single use wherever you can. At Grosvenor Place we have the Simply Cups coffee cup recycling scheme so get onto it – our numbers are good already but we can do better. We currently have 7 offices that use Simply Cups and have almost recycled 5,000 coffee cups. If you would like to register for a Simply Cups collection in your office, you can do so here. 

Grosvenor Place has several recycling streams. Is your office getting behind this? Be a champion and make sure.  You should have paper/cardboard recycling and co-mingled recycling points in your office so it’s easy – we do the hard work. But make sure you check up and make items contamination free. Contamination in a bin normally means that the entire bin has to go to general waste. Remind yourself on what’s in and what’s out here. And watch this space, we will be rolling out a food waste stream shortly..

Why not get an office green team together and create an eco-challenge each month? It could be taking pubic transport or travel under your own steam to work for a week, joining a clean-up or tree planting activity, turn off the lights and electrical products, only buy renewable and recycled office paper and products, reduce the paper use all together, make sure there are reusable bags on offer and don’t accept plastic, and bring a plant to work – it improves the air quality. You could introduce shared lunch and meat free days and monitor food waste to reduce.

Think about your supply chain going local when you buy products, gifts and food for the office – it supports businesses here and reduces transport emissions. You can check if your suppliers are B Corp, Fair Trade or Green businesses and consider if your business could get certified.

Do a bit of eco time just for you too. Get out in nature, take a friend – unplug and enjoy one our beautiful park or harbour walks. It’s good for you and it’s good for productivity.