Wellness Room

Located on level 27, Grosvenor Place’s Wellness Room is accessible to tenants in recognition of the role of wellbeing on productivity and workplace happiness. This space offers a series of weekly wellbeing classes, including meditation, Pilates and yoga.

Term One Date: Temporarily suspended until further notice.

Where: Wellness Room – Level 27

When: Meditation Tuesday, Pilates Wednesday & Yoga Thursday

Class Times: 12pm & 1pm, each session is 45 minutes

What to bring: Mats and rollers are supplied for your convenience. If you prefer to use your own, please bring them with you.

Bookings: Each class is limited to 16 people so booking is essential. Classes can be booked one week in advance. Bookings are subject to the class cancellation and booking policy. 





Somatic Meditation: a class that uses transformative power of awareness to deepen our capacity to feel and to sense ourselves as fluidly embodied and connected beings. Participants gain the power to release tension and struggle, learn how to heal and renew, and to savour their experience in a way that enhances the grace, beauty and enjoyment of life, awakening to ever-greater freedom and aliveness.



Pilates classes work to maintain musculo-skeletal health and are designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture, and enhance mental awareness. Pilates exercises are directed towards minimising the strain on the body that occurs due to the nature of office work.



This term’s Yoga classes use dynamic and therapeutic moves in combination with traditional Hatha asana to promote energy flow throughout the body. These movements help develop a strong core foundation and bring physiological and neurological movements into a state of balance.